NeatCheeks make meal time clean up easy and
 Face Wipe Avoidance a thing of the past.



About Us

NeatCheeks co-founders Julia and DanielleDanielle Stangler, mother of three, and Julia Rossi, mother of two, are the creators of NeatCheeks products.

Danielle stumbled across the idea for a flavored face wipe while eating at a restaurant with her family, one Sunday in 2010. She had, at that time, a 2 year old daughter, that was up past nap time, covered with macaroni & cheese, and to make matters worse, also hated to have her face wiped.

Danielle had a choice this day, like many days ... she could either make a scene and wipe her daughter's face or walk out of the restaurant with a child covered in cheese. Both choices were not favorable.

Danielle proceeded to ask her husband to dip her napkin in his water. She then wiped her daughter's face with it and much to her surprise, her daughter didn't resist the wipe but instead said "nummy". It was not water in her husband's cup, it was lemonade! The idea for a flavored face wipe was born.

Danielle recruited long time friend, former colleague and new mom (at the time) Julia Rossi, to help her take her concept to reality. Julia was her biggest supporter who wanted nothing more than to help Danielle turn her idea into the NeatCheeks products you see today.

Together, Danielle and Julia work enthusiastically to deliver happiness through NeatCheeks to Moms and kids across the country.

Founders Julia Rossi and Danielle Stangler

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